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In this paper we describe a passive technique for round trip time (RTT) estimation called Synthetic Packet-Pairs (SPP). Regular and frequent measurement of round trip time (RTT) between points on the Internet is becoming increasingly important for a range of highly interactive real-time applications. Active probing techniques are possible but problematic.(More)
Network security often requires the surveillance of the actual traffic in the network. Methods like signature-based attack detection or the detection of traffic anomalies require input from network measurements. The IETF currently standardizes the IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) protocol for exporting flow information from routers and probes. The packet(More)
IP flow data provides input for accounting, traffic engineering and security applications. The storage of flow data is required to allow off-line processing, archiving, and sharing of traffic traces. Currently this is achieved with a variety of proprietary solutions, which results in a variety of formats as input for flow processing tools and hinders data(More)
1 Abstract An important element of the Quality-of-Service concept in ATM networks are the Usage Parameter Control functions (UPC). They enable a future broadband network to control the behaviour of potential customers. The UPC procedures take the necessary actions to enforce the compliance of an ATM connection to a negotiated traffic contract. While the UPC(More)
This paper focuses on the development of a methodology within a software environment for automating the rule based implementation of specifications of integrated manufacturing information systems. The specifications are initially formulated in a naturallanguage and subsequently represented in terms of a graphical representation by the system designer. A new(More)
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