Lutz Hofmann

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The analysis of distributed generation systems and their influence on the different voltage levels of the power grid involves a detailed modelling of all observed units and the connecting distribution and overlaying transmission networks. In return this generation has increasing effects on the European transmission system, whose entire simulation with the(More)
This paper presents a new modeling approach for power systems aiming its small-signal stability analysis. The work employs an electromechanical correspondence for the electrical grid along with the Lagrangian Energy Method for obtaining system's differential equations. The approach generalizes the so-called Steady-State one, introducing a full matrix for(More)
Automatic steering devices for farm machinery and tractors have the task to relieve the driver from the physical and mental stress of monotonous steering work. Simultaneously, they are intended to help exploit machines and tractors closer to their full performance and improve the quality of work. However, it is not possible to rule out malfunctions or(More)
Future's load and generation model of Tehran power network depicts fast increase in demand and development of power network. By 2015, Two new generating stations are expected to be installed which result in the increase of short-circuit capacity of a few substations in excess of the interrupting rating of exiting circuit breakers. This paper intends to(More)
This paper presents the design and evaluation of a minimal order Generalized Minimum Variance controller with long-range prediction horizon and how it affects the controller and plant output variances. This study investigates how the increased prediction horizon can contribute to mitigate stochastic disturbances and attenuate oscillations. In order to(More)
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