Lutz Fritsche

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AIMS/HYPOTHESIS We aimed to identify, in the liver of mice, signal transduction pathways that show a pronounced regulation by acute exercise. We also aimed to elucidate the role of metabolic stress in this response. METHODS C57Bl6 mice performed a 60 min run on a treadmill under non-exhaustive conditions. Hepatic RNA and protein lysates were prepared(More)
BACKGROUND Health care professionals worldwide attend courses and workshops to learn evidence-based medicine (EBM), but evidence regarding the impact of these educational interventions is conflicting and of low methodologic quality and lacks generalizability. Furthermore, little is known about determinants of success. We sought to measure the effect of EBM(More)
A b s t r a c t Objective: To develop a technique for recognizing critical situations based on laboratory results in settings in which a normal range cannot be defined, because what is " normal " differs widely from patient to patient. To assess the potential of this approach for kidney transplant recipients , where recognition of acute rejections is based(More)
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