Lutz Ellrich

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$%675$&7 While the importance of trust in agent networks has been recognized for some time, the role of distrust has largely been ignored. In this paper, we argue that an explicit consideration of distrust and its complex interaction with individual trust and confidence in the network as a whole is necessary for the design and analysis of hybrid networks of(More)
A closer look behind the scenes of film making and media science reveals that the costumes used in film productions are products of a complex construction process. The costume designer has to put a lot of creative and investigative effort into the creation of costumes to provide the right clothes for a particular role, which means the costume reflects the(More)
Film making is in many aspects a very complex business represented by highly non-trivial business processes in which multiple organizational units are involved. Whereas in regular manufacturing and paper factories like insurance companies there is an increasing adoption of information technology (IT) and especially business process management (BPM)(More)
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