Lutz Dickmann

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In this paper, we investigate how discourse context in the form of short-term memory can be exploited to automatically group consecutive strokes in digital freehand sketching. With this machine learning approach, no database of explicit object representations is used for template matching on a complete scene—instead, grouping decisions are based on limited(More)
The next big step in video-based life logging is to exploit image processing and context inference from multiple sensors. Automatic segmentation and classification of personal experiences recorded with always-on wearable devices may forge entirely new pragmatics of human interaction. Yet, how do we anticipate social dynamics to tackle critical ethical(More)
We present a multi-modal video analysis framework for life-logging research. Domain-specific approaches and alternative software solutions are referenced, then we briefly outline the concept and realization of our OS X-based software for experimental research on segmentation of continuous video using sensor context. The framework facilitates visual(More)
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