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In this study, conditioned HMM (CHMM), which inherit the structure from the latent-dynamic conditional random field(LDCRF) proposed by Morency et al. but is also based on a Bayesian network [1, 2]. Within the model a sequence of class labels is influencing a Markov chain of hidden states which are able to emit observations. The structure allows that several(More)
A lot of research effort has been spent on the development of emotion theories and modeling, however, their suitability and applicability to expressions in human computer interaction has not exhaustively been evaluated. Furthermore, investigations concerning the ability of the annotators to map certain expressions onto the developed emotion models is(More)
In this paper we present ATLAS, a new graphical tool for annotation of multi-modal data streams. Although Atlas has been developed for data bases collected in human computer interaction (HCI) scenarios, it is applicable for multimodal time series in general settings. In our HCI scenario, besides multi-channel audio and video inputs, various(More)
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