Lutz Auerswald

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By using degenerate primers based on known mammalian somatostatin receptors and the recently identified Drosophila allatostatin receptors (AlstR), we have cloned a novel receptor for the neuropeptide, allatostatin, from the cockroach Periplaneta americana. The receptor exhibits about 60% amino acid identity in the transmembrane regions when compared to the(More)
The pattern of metabolic changes during tethered flight with lift-generation was investigated in two South African species of long-horned beetles (family: Cerambycidae), namely Phryneta spinator and Ceroplesis thunbergi. Energy substrates were measured in haemolymph and flight muscles at rest, after a flight period of 1 min at an ambient temperature of(More)
Adult Euphausia superba survive winter without or with little feeding. It is not exactly known whether the scarcity of food or an internal clock, set by the natural Antarctic light regime, are responsible for non-feeding. Our research questions were therefore the following: (1) How will physiological and biochemical conditions of krill change during(More)
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