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In this paper, the effects of systemic pentoxifylline administration on normal and diabetic wound healing are studied. Twenty-four normoglycemic and 24 diabetic rats were compared, exploring the healing of standardized (15×15 mm) full-thickness wounds by secondary intention. Twelve rats of both groups received intraperitoneal pentoxifylline 10 mg/kg per(More)
The study was undertaken to search whether pedicle selection for ischemic preconditioning (IP) and duration of global ischemia applied after IP influenced efficacy of IP on flap viability in epigastric adipocutaneous island flap with bilateral pedicles in rat model. In total, 159 rats were divided into one control and three (primary, secondary, or bilateral(More)
Reconstructing auricular defects is a challenging task for facial reconstructive surgeons. Although autologous reconstruction is the first choice for reconstruction, there may be circumstances of inconvenience such as previously attempted surgery, radiotherapy, systemic conditions, or patient's wish. Auricular restorations with facial prosthesis have(More)
In this study, it was evaluated the accumulation of free and two types of liposome-encapsulated enrofloxacin (LEE) at the doses of 0.25, 0.5 and 1 microg/ml, which were clinically relevant concentrations into monocytes of healthy Anatolian shepherd dogs. Enrofloxacin was encapsulated with two different types of liposome in multilamellar large vesicles(More)
Congenital fusion of the maxilla and mandible (syngnathia) is rare and can present in a wide range of severity from single mucosal bands (synechiae) to complete bony fusion (synostosis). Congenital synostosis of the mandible and maxilla is even less common than synechiae, with only 25 cases reported in the literature. Most of them presented as an(More)
Carcinomatous change of commonly encountered, benign epidermoid cysts, is a very rare event. Two cases of squamous cell and one case of basal cell carcinoma arising in the cyst wall and invading adjacent dermis were diagnosed in three epidermoid cysts in a review of 386 cases. The frequency of carcinomatous change has been reported to be as much as 9%. In(More)
It is almost impossible to achieve good results by the use of conventional Z-plasties on old burn contractures since necrosis of the transposed flap can occur. We have tried to raise the Z-plasty flaps as fasciocutaneous flaps to find out whether better results can be achieved. One hundred sixteen Z-plasties have been carried out on old burn contractures in(More)
BACKGROUND One of the main steps for satisfactory breast reconstruction is symmetrical nipple reconstruction in an ideal position and projection. Various techniques, using cartilage, bone, fat, and even hydroxyapatite crystals, have been proposed to overcome projection loss in late term. METHOD We present a new nipple reconstruction technique performed in(More)
Researchers have made numerous attempts to shorten anastomosis duration since Jacobson first used the term microvascular surgery in 1960. However, none of these alternatives has its combination of facility, low cost, reliability, durability, and high success rate. This study aimed to shorten the anastomosis duration, especially in operations that require(More)