Lutchmie Narine

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In this study we document the sensitivity of the leech pharynx to acetylcholine and begin to characterize the acetylcholine receptor mediating this response by examining the effects of selective cholinergic agonists and antagonists on the contractile behavior of the pharynx. The order of potency derived from the EC50 of each agonist was (+/-)epibatidine >(More)
The objective of this investigation was to examine the associations among neighborhood conditions, neighborhood collective efficacy, family economic disadvantage, parental control behaviors, and children's behavioral outcomes using multilevel and cross-level analyses. The proposed conceptual model incorporated propositions advanced by social disorganization(More)
This study examined the direct and indirect associations of general and smoking-specific parenting practices with Chinese adolescents' smoking behaviors. Adolescents aged 14-17 years (N = 658) and their parents were recruited from three high schools in mainland China. Adolescents completed an anonymous online survey on their smoking behaviors, perceptions(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine the associations among community characteristics, family economic adversity, parents' health beliefs, and parents' and children's health using cross-level mediation analyses. METHODS Survey data were collected from a nationally representative sample of 1,337 families with children between 3 and 6 years(More)
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