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As health care organizations look for ways to ensure cost-effective, high quality service delivery while still meeting patient needs, organizational performance assessment (OPA) is useful in focusing improvement efforts. In addition, organizational performance assessment is essential for ongoing management decision-making, operational effectiveness and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the quality of abstracts of original research articles. DESIGN Blind, criterion-based survey. SAMPLE Systematic sample of 33 abstracts of original research articles published in CMAJ in 1989. MEASUREMENT The quality of abstracts was measured against a checklist of evaluation criteria, which were divided into eight categories. A(More)
There is evidence to suggest that single-agent broad spectrum antibacterials may be cost-effective alternatives to combination antibiotics for the empirical management of febrile neutropenia in cancer patients. The objectives of the present study were 2-fold. The first objective was to compare the clinical effectiveness of ceftazidime monotherapy with that(More)
This study assessed distributional inequities in access to care among a representative sample of adults residing in Oklahoma. Inequities were identified by comparing the medically vulnerable to the less vulnerable with respect to their use or nonuse of hospital care and, among those admitted, the number of days of care consumed. The behavioral model was(More)
PURPOSE We sought to determine the characteristics of disciplined physicians at-large and the risk of disciplinary action over time and to report the type and frequency of complaints and the nature of disciplinary actions against allopathic physicians in Oklahoma. METHODS Descriptive statistics, Kaplan-Meier analysis, and Cox proportional hazards modeling(More)
Reference-based pricing is a controversial policy mechanism used to control pharmaceutical expenditures. After its implementation in some European countries, the British Columbia government introduced a version of reference-based pricing in October 1995. The authors reviewed previous studies of reference-based pricing in other countries and conducted a(More)
The purpose of this study is to examine differences in the use of preventive or early-detection services by the temporarily and chronically uninsured. The use of preventive care was measured by an index that depicts the use of nine preventive or early-detection services and the use or nonuse of each procedure on the index. Respondents whose lapse in(More)
Healthcare administrators have sought to improve the quality of healthcare services by using organizational change as a lever. Unfortunately, evaluations of organizational change efforts in areas such as total quality management (TQM), continuous quality improvement (CQI), and organizational restructuring have indicated that these change programmes have not(More)
The specific effects of vehicular type on the likelihood of an injury occurring are relatively unexplored. This study sought to assess the relative risk of injury to occupants of four-wheel drive vehicles and their counterparts in passenger cars. Data for 1143 occupants from all of the 454 crashes in Oklahoma, in 1995 that involved a four-wheel drive(More)
The objective of this investigation was to examine the associations among neighborhood conditions, neighborhood collective efficacy, family economic disadvantage, parental control behaviors, and children's behavioral outcomes using multilevel and cross-level analyses. The proposed conceptual model incorporated propositions advanced by social disorganization(More)