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Service composition concerns both integration of heterogeneous distributed applications and dynamic selection of services. QoS-aware selection enables a service requester with certain QoS requirements to classify services according to their QoS guarantees. In this paper we present a method that allows for a fuzzy-valued description of QoS parameters. Fuzzy(More)
Online games between remote opponents playing over computer networks are becoming a common activity of everyday life. However, computer interfaces for board games are usually based on the visual channel. For example, they require players to check their moves on a video display and interact by using pointing devices such as a mouse. Hence, they are not(More)
Keywords: Expert judgement Expert models Bayesian belief networks Fuzzy logic Human reliability analysis Dependence assessment a b s t r a c t The use of expert systems can be helpful to improve the transparency and repeatability of assessments in areas of risk analysis with limited data available. In this field, human reliability analysis (HRA) is no(More)
In modern society, more and more attention is given to the increase in public transportation or bike use. In this regard, one of the most important issues is to find and analyse the factors influencing car dependency and the attitudes of people in terms of preferred transport mode. Although the individuals’ transport behavioural modelling is a complex task,(More)