Lusheng Gu

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Intracellular trafficking is a basis of cellular activities, including cell migration, immune response, and development (Lebreton et al., 2003; Lučin et al., 2014; Ulrich and Heisenberg, 2009). In healthy tissue, intracellular trafficking is highly regulated, controlling the form and function of cells (Furthauer and GonzalezGaitan, 2009).Work carried out in(More)
The resolution of single molecule localization imaging techniques largely depends on the precision of localization algorithms. However, the commonly used Gaussian function is not appropriate for anisotropic dipoles because it is not the true point spread function. We derived the theoretical point spread function of tilted dipoles with restricted mobility(More)
We demonstrate the use of cryogenic super-resolution correlative light and electron microscopy (csCLEM) to precisely determine the spatial relationship between proteins and their native cellular structures. Several fluorescent proteins (FPs) were found to be photoswitchable and emitted far more photons under our cryogenic imaging condition, resulting in(More)
Single molecule fitting-based superresolution microscopy achieves sub-diffraction-limit image resolution but suffers from a need for long acquisition times to gather enough molecules. Several methods have recently been developed that analyze high molecule density images but most are only applicable to two dimensions. In this study, we implemented a(More)
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