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A gas chromatographic method for the simultaneous determination of midazolam and flumazenil concentrations in human plasma has been developed, using clinazolam as the internal standard. A mixture of chloroform and ethyl acetate (80:20) was used to extract the two compounds. A 2-microliters volume of the reconstituted sample was injected using a 1:20 split(More)
OBJECTIVES The EEG during background activity and that evoked in response to sensory stimuli (evoked potential, EP) has traditionally been studied by averaging and by frequency analysis. These obscure trial to trial variability. A new analysis technique is presented here which leads to single trial analysis and to insight into the mechanisms of EP(More)
A series of experiments was performed to investigate the roles of various types of informational feedback in producing visual adaptation to visual rearrangement and to various head, eye, and arm positions. A major goal was to test the validity of the theory of reafference which states that selfinduced movement is essential in the production of visual(More)
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