Luregn Jan Schlapbach

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BACKGROUND Treatment of HIV-1-infected individuals with antiretrovirals can result in sustained suppression of plasma viral RNA at concentrations below the detection limit of available assays. However, continuing virus replication has been detected in patients with viral RNA in plasma suppressed for months to years, and many cell types are known to act as(More)
This study aimed to measure serum concentrations of five lectin-pathway components, mannan-binding lectin (MBL), M-ficolin, L-ficolin, H-ficolin, and MBL-associated serine protease-2 (MASP-2), in healthy neonates and children, to determine if they change with age and to compare them with serum concentrations in healthy adults. Concentrations were measured(More)
BACKGROUND Fever in neutropenia (FN) is a frequent complication in pediatric oncology. Deficiency of mannose-binding lectin (MBL), an important component of innate immunity, is common due to genetic polymorphisms, but its impact on infections in oncologic patients is controversial. This study investigated whether MBL serum levels at cancer diagnosis are(More)
BACKGROUND. The incidence of bacterial sepsis during the neonatal period is high. Mannan-binding lectin (MBL), L-ficolin, and H-ficolin recognize microorganisms and activate the complement system via MBL-associated serine proteases (MASPs). This study investigated whether cord blood concentrations of the lectin pathway proteins are associated with neonatal(More)
BACKGROUND Severe infections kill more than 4·5 million children every year. Population-based data for severe infections in children requiring admission to intensive care units (ICUs) are scarce. We assessed changes in incidence and mortality of severe infections in critically ill children in Australia and New Zealand. METHODS We did a retrospective(More)
1. Bassotti G, De Villanacci V. The London Classification of gastrointestinal neuromuscular pathology: a little more flexibility would be wise. Gut 2011;60:1437. 2. Knowles CH, De Giorgio R, Kapur RP, et al. The London Classification of gastrointestinal neuromuscular pathology: report on behalf of the Gastro 2009 International Working Group. Gut(More)
Optimal respiratory support for interhospital transport of critically ill children is challenging and has been scarcely investigated. High-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) therapy has emerged as a promising support mode in the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU), but no data are available on HFNC used during interhospital transport. We aimed to assess the safety(More)
BACKGROUND Vasopressin is one of the most important physiological stress and shock hormones. Copeptin, a stable vasopressin precursor, is a promising sepsis marker in adults. In contrast, its involvement in neonatal diseases remains unknown. The aim of this study was to establish copeptin concentrations in neonates of different stress states such as sepsis,(More)
OBJECTIVE Neonatal sepsis causes high mortality and morbidity in preterm infants, but less is known regarding the long-term outcome after sepsis. This study aimed to determine the impact of sepsis on neurodevelopment at 2 years' corrected age in extremely preterm infants. PATIENTS AND METHODS This was a multicenter Swiss cohort study on infants born(More)
Enteroviruses are a leading cause of viral infections in children. While most enteroviral infections are mild and self-limiting, severe disease such as a viral sepsis syndrome, myocarditis, hepatitis and meningoencephalitis may occur. We present two cases of neonatal enteroviral myocarditis. Cardiorespiratory failure occurred in both cases, and severe shock(More)