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Harmonising legality with morality in Islamic banking and finance: a quest for Maqāṣid al-Sharī‘ah paradigm
Scholars in Islamic Finance Industry (IFI) have been calling for the integration of Islamic morality with legal theories in the industry. Among the reasons for this call is an unethical trend inExpand
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Islamic Legal Maxims for Attainment of Maqasid-al-Shari‘ah in Criminal Law: Reflections on the Implications for Muslim Women in the Tension Between Shari‘ah and Western Law
The legal procedural system of Islamic criminal law has been criticised, either constructively or destructively, over a period of time. Some of the most recent cases in the twenty-first century areExpand
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Glossary of Arabic Terms
Ijtihad: Deriving rules from the epistemological courses of the Qur'an and the sunnah (see below). MAQADIR Al-Amwal: Quantity of objects of value. Maqasid As-Shari'ah: Purpose and objective of theExpand
Aspects of Islamic law for halal products and services in a new era: spiritual, legal and moral dimensions
Aspects of Islamic Law for Halal Products and Services in a New Era: Spiritual, Legal and Moral Dimensions With the fast growing of Halal industry, and the expansion of the definition of HalalExpand
al-Maslahah al-Mursalah as a source of Islamic law and its relevance to political dispensation
The relevance of Islamic studies to the modern political setting cannot be undermined. This is because Islamic studies covers all aspects of human actions, be it ritual and social. It is observedExpand
Legal Maxims and Islamic Financial Transactions: A Case Study of Mortgage Contracts and the Dilemma for Muslims in Britain
Abstract This article aims to focus on legal maxims related to financial transactions to explore whether they offer any solutions for Muslims concerned with this dilemma, and to investigate how suchExpand
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Dana Gas Sukuk default: a juristic analysis of court judgement
This study aims to analyse the facts of the case in the judgement made by the High Court of Justice, England, UK, in the case of Dana Gas Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC) v. Dana Gas Sukuk LimitedExpand
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The theoretical framework for measuring Key Intangible Performance (KIP) in research and publication using Maqasid al-Shar'iah (MS)
Application of Maqasid al-Shari'ah to determine and measure the Key Intangible Performance (KIP) in institutional and individual productivity is considered a topical issue in the current era. TheExpand