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Supplemental host range of Araujia mosaic virus, a potential biological control agent of moth plant in New Zealand
Araujia mosaic virus (ArjMV) has previously been confirmed to have a narrow host range and is considered a potential biological control agent for moth plant (Araujia hortorum), a troublesomeExpand
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Partial sequencing of the genomic RNA of Araujia mosaic virus and comparison of the coat protein sequence with those of other potyviruses
Araujia mosaic virus (ArjMV, genus Potyvirus, family Potyviridae) was first reported in Araujia angustifolia and Morrenia odorata from Argentina [8]. It is transmitted by mechanical inoculation andExpand
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Only two out of five articles by New Zealand researchers are free-to-access: a multiple API study of access, its impact on open citation advantage, cost of Article Processing Charges (APC), and the
We studied journal articles published by researchers at all eight of New Zealand universities in 2017 to determine how many were freely accessible on the web. We wrote software code to harvest dataExpand
JLSC Board Editorial 2019
The JLSC editorials below all engage with the idea of community. Expand
Kaupapa Māori in New Zealand Public Libraries
4 1.0 Introduction and topic statement 6 2.0 Review of the literature 9 3.0 Research questions 17 4.0 Research design 18 4.1 Methodology 18 4.2 Data collection 18 4.3 Purposive sampling 19 4.4Expand
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