Luqman Hakim

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Chronic muscarinic stimulation induces functional quiescence (Scand J Immunol 2003;58:550-65) and alters the traffic of immature cathepsin B (Exp Eye Res 2004;79:665-75) in lacrimal acinar cells. To test whether active proteases aberrantly accumulate in the endosomes, cell samples were cultured 20 h with and without 10-microm carbachol (CCh), incubated with(More)
The development of chemopreventive approaches using a concoction of phytochemicals is potentially viable for combating many types of cancer including colon carcinogenesis. This study evaluated the anti-proliferative effects of ginger and Gelam honey and its efficacy in enhancing the anti-cancer effects of 5-FU (5-fluorouracil) against a colorectal cancer(More)
This paper describes the technical and organizational infrastructure designed to integrate a bio sensing based water quality evaluation system into a nascent water well monitoring and response program in the Terban district of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The system AirKami (Bahasa Indonesia for 'our water'), combines a desktop bio incubator, flexible and(More)
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