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Traffic classification has been extensively examined in recent years, as it is widely used in network management, design, security, advertising and research. In the past few years, the traffic classification techniques have been evolved along with the development of Internet protocols and applications, and many approaches have been investigated, proposed(More)
Network traffic classification is critical to both network management and system security. However, existing traffic classification techniques become less effective as more P2P applications use proprietary protocols for delivery and encryption. Especially, current techniques usually focus on individual flows and do not consider all flows associated with an(More)
Protocol identification is critical for managing the network, from traffic classification to intrusion detection. However, the traditional protocol identification techniques have become less effective as more and more new network applications have adopted complex interaction and encrypted techniques in recent years. In this paper, we address behavior chains(More)
Many important network security areas, such as Intrusion Detection System and Next-Generation Firewall, leverage Traffic Classification techniques to reveal application-level protocols. Machine Learning algorithms give us the ability to identify encrypted or complicated traffic. However, classification accuracies of Machine Learning algorithms are always(More)
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