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In this paper, two-dimensional percolation lattices are applied to describe wireless propagation environment, and stochastic rays are employed to model the trajectories of radio waves. We first derive the probability that a stochastic ray undergoes certain number of collisions at a specific spatial location. Three classes of stochastic rays with different(More)
Abstract: The analysis the outage performance of suggested Cognitive Wireless Relay Network (CWRN) which consists of a source, a destination and M cognitive relay nodes and M primary user nodes. In this study, we mainly study that the cognitive relay nodes impact on the outage performance of proposed CWRN over Rayleigh channels under both the peak and(More)
Exponential correlated random variables are generated by stochastic differential equations (SDEs), which are described by Markov diffusion processes. Under the assumption of ergodicity of stochastic process, the stationary distribution of Markov diffusion process is introduced, which is determined by drift and diffusion coefficient. We choose the drift(More)
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