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In this paper, we provide guidelines for high throughput wireless multi-hop self-backhaul networks which at the same time retain fairness. Based on the theoretical analysis results, we propose two fair scheduling strategies: static independent fair scheduling and dynamic joint fair scheduling. Simulations verify that, both schemes can achieve maximum(More)
A scalable video delivery transmission framework over MIMO OFDM wireless channels by combining power allocation and antenna selection scheme has been proposed. The framework consisting of independently decodable layers (3D ESCOT), UEP channel coding structure, and antenna selection scheme provide more system error resilience even during deep fading period(More)
One of the most important problems that must be solved in ATM networks is the priority cell discarding (PCD). A two priorities cell discarding method is suggested and analyzed under conditions of discrete time cell arrival. By introducing the r~ operator, an iterative algorithm that can accelerate the speed of convergence when calculating the cell loss(More)