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OBJECTIVE The authors hypothesized that cortical gray matter volume reduction in schizophrenia is greatest in the heteromodal association cortex. This area comprises a highly integrated, reciprocally interconnected system that coordinates higher order cortical functions. METHOD Total brain and regional gray matter volumes were calculated in 46(More)
There are both reproductive and nonreproductive behavioral differences between men and women. Brain regions involved in determining sexual behavior have been reported to differ between the sexes. Nonreproductive, cognitive functional differences between sexes might be reflected in higher-order cortical structural dimorphisms, which have not previously been(More)
The sequence patterns of 11 types of frequently occurring connecting peptides, which lead to a classification of supersecondary motifs, were studied. A database of protein supersecondary motifs was set up. An artificial neural network method, i.e. the back propagation neural network, was applied to the predictions of the supersecondary motifs from protein(More)
BACKGROUND Voriconazole is a new triazole antifungal drug. Its pharmacokinetics and transfer to peritoneal dialysate in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients have not been studied. METHODS Five patients with end-stage renal disease requiring support by PD were administered a single dose of 200 mg of voriconazole orally. Plasma and peritoneal dialysate were(More)
PURPOSE To describe a quantitative MR imaging segmentation method for determination of the volume of cerebrospinal fluid, gray matter, and white matter in living human brain, and to determine the method's reliability. METHODS We developed a computer method that allows rapid, user-friendly determination of cerebrospinal fluid, gray matter, and white matter(More)
A previous neuropathological report noted a non-linear pattern of change in cerebral grey-white matter ratio during ageing. In that report, grey-white ratio decreased from age 20 to age 50, then increased in elderly subjects. The objective of the current study was to attempt to replicate this pattern of age-related change in the grey-white ratio in living(More)
For the 11 types of most frequently occurring supersecondary motifs, we used a new method--the vector projection method--to predict a protein's supersecondary structure. In a training set of peptides and a test set of peptides we obtained a satisfactory result, with a prediction accuracy of about 90%. The high prediction accuracy indicates that this method(More)
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