Luoming Meng

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With the Multi Access Packet Data Network Connectivity and IP flow mobility introduced by 3GPP, mobile devices with multiple wireless interfaces can connect to multiple access networks simultaneously, meanwhile allowing dynamic allocation of different IP flows to different access systems corresponding to their requirements. In order to enable IP flow(More)
Aiming at large-scale job scheduling, allocating resource dynamically in order to reduce cost is a significant problem in cloud. In this paper, we study the resource allocation at the application level, instead of studying to map the physical resources to virtual resources for better resource utilization in cloud computing environment. We propose a(More)
Active probing is an effective tool for monitoring networks. By measuring probing responses, we can perform fault diagnosis actively and efficiently without instrumentation on managed entities. In order to reduce the traffic generated by probing messages and the measurement infrastructure costs, an optimal set of probes is desirable. However, the(More)
The modern society has come to rely heavily on IT services. To improve the quality of IT services it is important to quickly and accurately detect and diagnose their faults which are usually detected as disruption of a set of dependent logical services affected by the failed IT resources. The task, depending on observed symptoms and knowledge about IT(More)
Network virtualization has garnered great attention as a promising way to reform the current Internet. Multiple virtual networks (VNs) can be embedded onto the same substrate network through network virtualization. Recently the survivability of the VNs in the event of substrate failures has been attracting a broad attention. A good way to provide(More)
Due to the advantages of muti-hop communication, self-organizing, self-healing and reliability, wireless muti-hop mesh network becomes an ideal solution for smart grid meter data collection. However, wireless muti-hop meter data collection network faces limitation and challenge on communication performance of network caused by application layer data traffic(More)