Luojiang Qian

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This paper presents the build and validation of real time digital simulation (RTDS) model for testing control and protection system of Lingbao back-to-back (BTB) high voltage direct current (HVDC) converter station which links between Northwest China and Central China power network. The build of power circuit model and the design of model parameters(More)
Instead of ordinary shunt capacitor banks, assembling capacitor are more extensively used in power system for voltage support and power factor correction due to its larger reactive power compensation per bank as well as free-maintenance. However, just owing to large capacitance and special internal configuration, it may aggravate system issue of harmonic(More)
Although real-time digital simulator (RTDS) has included most common components in its component model library, some models have to be built by the user with so called Used-Define Component (UDC) technique to meet particular simulation requirements. This paper first expatiate on the numerical discrete principle on which the consecutive differential(More)
Hybrid simulation is important to the modern power systems which include high frequency components such as HVDC or FACTS with switching processes. Full digital model has its limit on its finite simulating frequency due to its discreteness, as a result , it’s not available to describe the high frequency responses accurately and a more efficient simulating(More)
The planning, design and operation of HVDC transmission systems require the detailed studies of various options and predictions of the system performance. Real time digital simulation (RTDS) could provide most vivid approach for the studies. Consequently, a tractable HVDC control model is required in the RTDS simulation platform. To implement the similar(More)
In this paper, internal fault protective relay maloperation of assembling capacitor bank caused by switchingon transient harmonics is analyzed. Mathematical expressions describing the adaptive settings of single-wye, dual-wye and bridge connections are given. The realistic action of internal fault protections under high amplitude harmonic conditions is(More)
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