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The Tethered Particle Motion (TPM) method has been used to observe and characterize a variety of protein-DNA interactions including DNA looping and transcription. TPM experiments exploit the Brownian motion of a DNA-tethered bead to probe biologically relevant conformational changes of the tether. In these experiments, a change in the extent of the bead's(More)
Drought significantly constrains higher yield of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in arid and semiarid areas all over the world. This study evaluated the responses of leaf cuticular wax constituents to drought treatment and their relations to gas-exchange indexes across six alfalfa cultivars widely grown in China. Water deficit was imposed by withholding water(More)
Bankhead Reservoir of the Black Warrior River is designated for swimming (S), fish and wildlife (F&W), and to be used as a public water source (PWS). The water quality of Bankhead is impacted by both point and nonpoint source pollution. Only a limited number of intensive studies have been conducted on Bankhead Reservoir due to the cost and resources(More)
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