Luo Zaifei

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For the actuators fault of reconfigurable modular robots, a backstepping decentralized fault tolerant control (DFTC) algorithm is proposed. The reconfigurable robot system is divied into a set of interconnected subsystems. The fault tolerant controller is designed based on backstepping method. It is hard to obtain the model parameters uncertainty term and(More)
Rehabilitation robots have been designed to improve ability of patients with impaired limbs to perform activities of daily life. A new iterative learning impedance control (ITLC) algorithm was developed in the present study based on the physical recovery condition of impaired limbs to improve the performance of rehabilitation robots. The physical recovery(More)
It is important to obtain the motor unit information from multi-channel surface electromyogram (SEMG). A new decomposition method called waveform clustering convolution kernel compensation is proposed in this paper, which is classified based on waveform to improve performance. According to the number of clusters, the classification of SEMG waveform is(More)
It has been demonstrated that the multi-channel SEMG allows assessment of anatomical and physiological individual motor unit characteristics. The motor unit action potential(MUAP) can be decomposed from SEMG to obtain these properties. This paper presented a method to exact MUAP from multi-channel SEMG. The firing instants of each motor unit(MU) were(More)
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