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FL-LPVG: An approach for anomaly detection based on flow-level limited penetrable visibility graph
We propose an anomaly detection approach based on flow-level limited penetrable visibility graph (FL-LPVG), which constructs complex networks based on the network flow series and detects anomaly traffic through data mining and entropy-based information theoretic techniques. Expand
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Research on a Novel 2T3R Parallel Manipulator
It is perfect that the limb of the minor DOF parallel manipulator has the same structure and keep sysmmetrical to satisfied isotropy.Based on the units of single-opened-chain limb,a novel 5-DOFExpand
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A novel 6-DOF parallel robot and its pose errors compensation
In the traditional security solution conditions, software firewall cannot intercept and respond the invasion before being attacked, so we have designed a kind of solution of embedded firewall with hardware and software. Expand
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The Comparison of RBF and BP Neural Network in Decoupling of DTG
In order to improve the precision of gyroscope, two decoupling method of DTG(Dynamic Tuned Gyroscope) were analyzed, the BP neural network and RBF network. The BP neural network has many advantagesExpand
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Numerical Study on Inverse Kinematic Analysis of 5R Serial Robot
This paper makes an intensive study for the problem of the inverse kinematic analysis of the 5R serial mechanism. A generalized modeling method is introduced and adaptive generic algorithm is used inExpand
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Quasi-solid-state Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Employing Fibers Stacked Paper Carbons as Efficient Counter Electrodes
Three types of paper carbons (PCs) were introduced into quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells (QDSCs) as counter electrodes. The PCs were respectively prepared using printed paper, filterExpand
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Analysis of Long-term Trends in Reference Crop Evapotranspiration in Haihe Basin
Daily weather data for 37 national meteorologic stations in the Haihe Basin were collected,and the FAO56 method was employed to calculate reference crop evapotranspiration(ET0).Long-term trends inExpand
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Chaotic behavior analysis and prediction of reference crop evapotransporation
The correlation dimension method is applied to investigate the presence of chaos in the evapotransporation ET_0 time series obtained from the Zangbei Station,located at the Haihe River basin.The timeExpand
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