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This paper describes a novel offering of a US-based course in Computer Science at a Chinese university. A senior-level Algorithms course from the University of Washington was offered at Beihang University in Beijing, China through Tutored Video Instruction, whereby lectures recorded in class at the University of Washington were subsequently shown at Beihang(More)
To achieve more realistic surface design, this paper proposes a new scheme of interpolation subdivision surface, which is extended from interpolation subdivision of Bezier curve. Different from the previous interpolation subdivision schemes, the normal vectors are used to generate a circle from a triangle which results in only 3 vertices and 3 edges. This(More)
This paper presents an alternative method, which is economical and easy-to-operate, to visualize the 3D skin temperature distribution of the body based on the data of skin temperature of available body points. The interpolation and mapping functions is presented in detail, and the visualization cases based on the data of skin temperature measured in(More)
This paper proposes a new multiobjective evolutionary approach— the dynamic archive evolution strategy (DAES) to investigate the adaptive balance between proximity and diversity. In DAES, a novel dynamic external archive is proposed to store elitist individuals as well as relatively better individuals through archive increase scheme and archive decrease(More)
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