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An interactive example-driven approach to graphics recognition in engineering drawings is proposed. The scenario is that the user first interactively provides an example of a graphic object; the system instantly learns its graphical knowledge and uses the acquired knowledge to recognize the same type of graphic objects. The proposed approach represents the(More)
Performance evaluation is receiving increasing interest in graphics recognition. In this paper, we discuss some questions regarding the definition of a general framework for evaluation of symbol recognition methods. The discussion is centered on three key elements in performance evaluation: test data, evaluation metrics and protocols of evaluation. As a(More)
This paper researches the development method of domain ontology from the point of view of reverse engineering. Taking the relationship data model as the object, the paper analyzes how to identify the structural information of relationship mode from the legacy system. Then, the paper obtains the semantic information of the relationship mode making use of the(More)
With the change of land use/cover change (LUCC) in urban areas, urban heat island (UHI) has become one of the most serious environmental damages in urban areas. Urban thermal environment is dramatically changed as a result of urban heat island impacts; and that further result in great temperature difference between urban and suburban areas, lead to(More)
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