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Anycast is a mechanism that it sends the data groups to the nearest interface during which they have the same anycast address. Ant colony system, a population-based algorithm, provides natural and intrinsic way of exploration of search space in optimization settings in determining optimal anycast tree. In this paper, we propose a sink selection heuristic(More)
The current UWB communication systems, such as 2PPM-TH, DS-UWB and OFDM have some drawbacks and do not provide the variable rates service. Thus, the hybrid OVSF-TH-UWB is proposed to address the above problems, and a corresponding correlation mask is designed. Both performance analysis and simulation results prove that our OVSF- TH-UWB system can(More)
Anycast is a mechanism that sends the data to the nearest node, which have the same anycast address. For those event-driven wireless sensor network application, anycast mechanism is effective. Event Aware Anycast (EAA) is proposed, which uses the complete or part data fusion according to the relativity of the data. The EAA algorithm preferably solve the(More)
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