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Recent studies on molecular level classification of tissues with DNA microarray technology have produced remarkable results. It is believed that the subtypes of cancer can be distinguished by a set of discriminative genes. To achieve this goal, it not only requires high enough classification accuracy, but also a minimal number of genes as much as possible(More)
The identification of T-cell epitopes is important for vaccine development. An epitope is a peptide segment that can bind to both a T-cell receptor and a major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecule. The prediction of MHC binding peptides is a crucial part of the epitopes identification. This paper presents a novel Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm(More)
Combined TMS320C6455DSP and FPGA data acquisition platform, this paper describes the C6455 DSP Enhanced Direct Memory Access (EDMA) hardware architecture and configuration methods, focusing on the EDMA applied in two ways, both of which increase the transmission DSP data transfer speed, enhanced the DSP processing power to meet the physical layer of TD-LTEA(More)
Aiming at reducing the elevator's great energy consumption, this paper presents a new control system which can transform the energy that comes from the motor working at the generating state to the power grid. In this control system, because the conventional PI control cannot work efficiently at control of time variable and nonlinear objects, we adopted(More)
A DVB receiving chip with PCI interface for PC is presented. The chip supports DVB protocols and integrates useful interfaces, including I<sup>2</sup>C, SmartCard and PCI. A card with this chip could change PC into digital TV terminal. The architecture of FPGA prototype system together with some main design issues is introduced. The experimental result(More)
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