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The 3DTown project is focused on the development of a distributed system for sensing, interpreting and visualizing the real-time dynamics of urban life within the 3D context of a city. At the heart of this technology lies a core of algorithms that automatically integrate 3D urban models with data from pan/tilt video cameras, environmental sensors and other(More)
Dendritic cell(DC) is a kind of natural immunocyte, and also is a kind of typical antigen presenting cell, which can stimulate and inhibit immune system. The function of the dendritic cell in the human body can be abstractly extracted as an dendritic cell algorithm(DCA). In this paper we try to extract a new immune algorithm based on the dendritic cell.(More)
During the process of establishing the capacitivmicro-accelerometer PSPICE Simulation Model, consider in the precise electrical model of the capacitance, According tthe characteristics of MEMS capacitance, established micraccelerometer PSPICE simulation model. In the model, thelectrical and mechanical coupling process of Capacitiv MEMS sensor was analyzed.(More)
Two new schemes of video MDC is proposed in this paper. One is a video MDC scheme based on Scalar Quantification (MDSQ) and MPEG-2 framework. The other one is a video MDC scheme based on both Scalar Quantification and Wyner-Ziv coding (MDWZ). Experiment results show that, the reconstruction quality of these two scheme are obviously superior to traditional(More)
Traditionally, for a cotton spinning corporation, its quality data acquisition, analysis, and monitoring were separated. In order to improve the quality management of the enterprise, this paper completes and depicts the framework construction of integrative system of quality data acquisition, analysis, and monitoring oriented to the cotton spinning(More)
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