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The rapid development of science and technology in different domains has created many new concepts and the domain lexicon must be updated timely to include the new terms as domain knowledge. However, automatic update of domain knowledge requires a core lexicon for bootstrapping purpose. The core lexicon should contain the fundamental terms used in a domain(More)
Algorithms for automatic term extraction in a specific domain should consider at least two issues, namely Unithood and Termhood(Kageura,1996). Unithood refers to the degree of a string to occur as a word or a phrase. Termhood (Chen Yirong, 2005) refers to the degree of a word or a phrase to occur as a domain specific concept. Unlike unithood, study on(More)
Automatic terminology extraction requires termhood verification for extracted terms in a specific domain. Chinese terminology extraction suffers from insufficient domain corpora for verification even though there is abundance of information in other languages. This paper presents a novel approach to overcome this problem by using word translations and(More)
Automatic term extraction is the first step towards automatic or semi-automatic update of existing domain knowledge base. Most of the researches applied word segmentation as a preprocessing step to Chinese term extraction. However, segmentation ambiguity is unavoidable, especially in identifying unknown words for Chinese. In this paper, we discuss the(More)
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