Lung-an Ying

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Partial Differential Equations and the Finite Element Method provides a much–needed, clear, and systematic introduction to modern theory of partial differential equations (PDEs) and finite element methods (FEM). Both nodal and hierachic concepts of the FEM are examined. Reflecting the growing complexity and multiscale nature of current engineering and(More)
We study weak solutions to a combustion model problem. An equivalent conservation law with discontinuous flux is derived. Definition of an entropy solution is given, and the existence and uniqueness of the entropy solutions is proved. The convergence of a projection method and an implicit finite difference scheme is also proved. Finally using this approach(More)
In the present paper, the authors consider the Schrödinger operator H with the Coulomb potential defined in R3m, where m is a positive integer. Both bounded domain approximations to multielectron systems and finite element approximations to the helium system are analyzed. The spectrum of H becomes completely discrete when confined to bounded domains. The(More)
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