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PURPOSE To identify the disease-causing gene in a Chinese family with autosomal dominant congenital cataract. METHODS Clinical and ophthalmologic examinations were performed on all members of a Chinese family with congenital cataract. Nine genes associated with congenital cataract were screened using direct DNA sequencing. Mutations were confirmed using(More)
Temperature-sensitive TRP channels are important for responses to pain and inflammation, to both of which tissue acidosis is a major contributing factor. However, except for TRPV1, acid-sensing by other ThermoTRP channels remains mysterious. We show here that unique among TRPV1-3 channels, TRPV3 is directly activated by protons from cytoplasmic side. This(More)
A cardiomyocyte differentiation in vitro system from zebrafish embryos remains to be established. Here, we have determined pluripotency window of zebrafish embryos by analyzing their gene-expression patterns of pluripotency factors together with markers of three germ layers, and have found that zebrafish undergoes a very narrow period of pluripotency(More)
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