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BACKGROUND Emotional reactions of couples were investigated during in vitro fertilization (IVF) at a private clinic in Sweden. The purpose was to compare such reactions between couples who obtained supernumerary embryos that could be cryopreserved and couples without such embryos. METHODS Forty women and men undergoing IVF treatment monitored individually(More)
The objective of process control in the mineral industry is to optimise the recovery of the valuable minerals, while maintaining the quality of the concentrates delivered to the metal extraction plants. The paper presents a survey of the control approaches for ore size reduction and mineral separation processes. The present limitations of the measurement(More)
Eye gaze can be used to gauge attention and potentially respond accordingly within the context of interactive advertising. In order to utilise gaze patterns effectively, a model may have to be developed which can interpret intentions based on prior knowledge of gaze behaviour. Gaze behaviour while viewing advertisements needs to be investigated fully before(More)
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