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Modern job schedulers move towards applying dynamic approaches like time sharing or adaptive resource allocation to accommodate grid jobs or to better utilize local resources. Also, the resources may be heterogeneous and a proper distribution of the application's workload be hard to estimate. Our ScoPro monitoring tool permits to obtain and to store(More)
Given the size of modern cities in the urbanising age, it is beyond the perceptual capacity of most people to develop a good knowledge about the beauty and ugliness of the city at every street corner. Correspondingly, for planners, it is also difficult to accurately answer questions like ‘where are the worst-looking places in the city that regeneration(More)
This paper presents a generalized i-vector representation framework with phonetic tokenization and tandem features for text independent as well as text dependent speaker verification. In the conventional i-vector framework, the tokens for calculating the zeroorder and first-order Baum-Welch statistics are Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) components trained from(More)
  • Lun Liu
  • 2010 3rd International Conference on Computer…
  • 2010
Various media owns its living space for its specific dissemination feature and ecological niche with special time and space. This article uses media ecology theory to study the effect and function of digital television on the living environment of television media, with the purpose of analyzing the change for the whole media ecology environment. With the(More)
Focused on the current problems which exist in nine-area control strategy, such as frequent operation of control equipment and low qualified rate of voltage, the theory of nine-area method is deeply analyzed, and a new optimal setting method of reactive power interval in nine-area figure is proposed. A math model of evaluation function based on one-day(More)
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