Lun Hsing Tung

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1 Adrenaline (10 nM) significantly enhanced the stimulation-induced efflux of radioactivity from rat atria previously incubated with [3H]-noradrenaline ([3H]-NA). This effect was abolished by metoprolol (.01 muM). 2 Adrenaline in a higher concentration (1 muM) and NA (1 muM) significantly reduced the stimulation-induced efflux of radioactivity. However, in(More)
1 Phenylephrine (1-100 microgram/kg, intravenously) produced dose-dependent increases in heart rate and blood pressure in the pithed rat. 2 The positive chronotropic response to phenylephrine (10 microgram/kg) was reduced in a dose-dependent manner by propranolol (0.01-0.3 mg/kg), but higher doses of propranolol (up to 3 mg/kg) did not reduce the response(More)
Rats implanted with osmotic minipumps containing adrenaline (0.2 ml, 2.9 mM) developed increased systolic and diastolic blood pressures, whereas blood pressures in rats implanted with osmotic minipumps containing the same amount of noradrenaline did not differ from those of sham-operated control rats. Heart rates did not differ from control in either(More)
We p r o p o s e a t wo-stage framework for polygon retrieval which incorporates both qualitative and quantitative measures of polygons in the rst and second stage respectively. The rst stage uses Binary Shape Descriptor as a mean to prune the search space. The second stage uses any a vailable polygon matching and similarity measuring technique to compare(More)
Shape matching is an important issue in pattern recognition and it has many real world applications. We have proposed a two-stage framework for polygon retrieval 12, 11] which incorporates both qualitative and quantitative measures of polygons in the rst and second stage respectively. In this paper, we introduce an extension to our two-stage framework. We(More)
1. Adrenaline can enhance the stimulation-induced release of transmitter noradrenaline in sympathetically innervated tissues by activating prejunctional beta-adrenoceptors. 2. Adrenaline incorporated into sympathetic transmitter stores by neuronal uptake can be subsequently released as a co-transmitter and can then activate prejunctional beta-adrenoceptors,(More)
Postjunctional alpha-adrenoceptors subserve positive inotropic and chronotropic responses. When beta-adrenoceptors are blocked, agonists that act on alpha 1-adrenoceptors evoke positive chronotropic responses in the pithed rat and rat isolated atria. The rank order of potency for this effect is adrenaline greater than noradrenaline greater than(More)