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Two Burkholderia strains 8111 and 8201 were isolated from root nodules of Dalbergia odorifera, an endemic woody legume in southern China. Phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA gene and 16S-23S gene intergenic spacer (ITS) showed that these two bacterial strains were closely related to Burkholderia cepacia and they were also similar in carbon source utilization(More)
This paper describes a new implementation of the ST20-C2 CPU architecture. The design involves an eight-stage pipeline with hardware support to execute up to three instructions in a cycle. Branch prediction is based on a 2-bit predictor scheme with a 1024-entry Branch History Table and a 64 entry Branch Target Buffer and a 4-entry Return Stack. The(More)
This paper describes the NPSE, a high-performance SRAM-based network packet search engine which has the primary application of supporting IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding. It is based on a high-speed hardware implementation of a tree-based storage and retrieval algorithm, which is memory and power-efficient compared to traditional CAM-based look-up methods.
OBJECTIVE In a recent study single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the COL11A1 gene were found to be associated with hip osteoarthritis (OA) among European populations. In this study, our aim was to identify common genetic variants in COL11A1 predisposing to primary hip OA in Han Chinese individuals. METHODS We designed a case-control study that(More)
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