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This paper describes a new implementation of the ST20-C2 CPU architecture. The design involves an eight-stage pipeline with hardware support to execute up to three instructions in a cycle. Branch prediction is based on a 2-bit predictor scheme with a 1024-entry Branch History Table and a 64 entry Branch Target Buffer and a 4-entry Return Stack. The(More)
This paper describes the NPSE, a high-performance SRAM-based network packet search engine which has the primary application of supporting IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding. It is based on a high-speed hardware implementation of a tree-based storage and retrieval algorithm, which is memory and power-efficient compared to traditional CAM-based look-up methods.
Two Burkholderia strains 8111 and 8201 were isolated from root nodules of Dalbergia odorifera, an endemic woody legume in southern China. Phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA gene and 16S-23S gene intergenic spacer (ITS) showed that these two bacterial strains were closely related to Burkholderia cepacia and they were also similar in carbon source utilization(More)
A digital polar transmitter is introduced using 9-b thermometer-coded uniform cells to achieve high linearity for wideband signal. A 960 MHz delay tuner is designed for precise amplitude and phase alignment. An on-chip DC-DC is included for direct battery connection and output power control. Boosted bias improves PA efficiency at low power region. This(More)
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