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Digital radiography was used to measure the radiopacity of 18 resin cements to determine the influence of inorganic filler content on radiopacity. Four disk specimens (n=4) of each light-curing cement were digitally radiographed alongside an aluminum step wedge using an intraoral sensor (XIOS Plus, Sirona, Germany), and their mean gray value measured.(More)
Two manganese(III) porphyrins: manganese(III) tetraphenylporphyrin chloride and manganese(III)-tetrakis(3-hydroxyphenyl)porphyrin chloride were tested as ionophores for the construction of new diclofenac-selective electrodes. The electroactive material was incorporated either in PVC or a sol-gel matrix. The effect of different plasticizers and additives(More)
AIM To evaluate the morphology of the root canal in its apical third and the capacity of the Thermafil System to reproduce the entire morphology of the cleaned and shaped root canal. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-two roots of periodontally compromised teeth were prepared using the ProTaper System to an apical size 30 and filled with the Thermafil(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the apical sealing capacity of three types of gutta-percha master cones of the same apical size and different tapers following root canal preparation with nickel-titanium ProTaper Universal rotary instruments and microstructural replication with System B and Obtura III. Thirty extracted human incisors having one(More)
Uvod Zubna pulpa je jedinstveno vezivno tkivo ko-je se nalazi u siromašnoj okolini. Iako ima mnogo obilježja ostalih vezivnih tkiva u tijelu, njezina lo-kacija unutar čvrstih dentinskih zidova daje joj ne-koliko specijalnih svojstava. Mnoge su vidljive tije-kom upalnog procesa u samoj pulpi. Odgovor pulpe na upalne podražaje snažne su dinamičke promjene u(More)
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