Luminita Ion-Boussier

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In this paper, we propose a Web Decision Support System for Impacts Assessment of Urban Mobility (WDSS4IA) which is based on a new approach. The latter uses fuzzy set theory for modeling criteria, belief theory for evaluations fusion from various information sources and it is able to handle uncertainty and vagueness. In this paper, the WDSS4IA is presented,(More)
A novel methodology for decision-making under uncertainty in environmental assessment of urban mobility is proposed. The problem treated is complex with insufficient, fuzzy and uncertain data. Hence, we propose to use belief theory (Dempster-Shafer theory) in order to combine the opinions of experts to evaluate the environmental impact of an ameliorative(More)
In the environment impacts assessment context, several methods are proposed in literature, such as life cycle analysis, multi criteria analysis and cost benefit analysis etc. Recently, others methods combining MCDA (Multi Criteria Decision Analysis) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have been explored to develop enhanced methodologies for knowledge based(More)
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