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In this work, we study the synchronization in a generalized Kuramoto model with frequency-weighted coupling. In particular, we focus on the situations in which the frequency distributions of oscillators are asymmetric. For typical unimodal frequency distributions, such as Lorentzian, Gaussian, triangle, and even special Rayleigh, we find that the(More)
Clinical investigations highlight the increased incidence of metabolic syndrome in prostate cancer (PCa) patients receiving androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). Studies using global androgen receptor (AR) knockout mice demonstrate that AR deficiency results in the development of insulin resistance in males. However, mechanisms by which AR in individual(More)
Endometrial cancer (EMC) is a sex steroid hormone-related female malignancy. Androgen and androgen receptor (androgen/AR) signals have been implicated in EMC progression. Cancer stem/progenitor cells (CSPCs) are suspected to link to chemoresistance in patients with EMC. In this study, we examined the androgen/AR roles in cisplatin resistance and CSPC(More)
Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women worldwide. Recent developments in minimally invasive interventional radiology techniques have significantly improved breast cancer treatment. This study aimed to develop a novel technique for the local management of breast cancers using radiofrequency heat (RFH). We performed both in vitro experiments(More)
The dispersed cuboid object and cylinder vibratory hopper as the object of study, we designed a vibratory hopper contain an orientation mechanism in the 3D modeling software Pro/E which is then imported into the dynamic simulation software MSC.ADAMS, and established the dynamic simulation model of the multi-body system consists of objects and vibratory(More)
MicroRNA-21 promotes ovarian teratocarcinoma PA1 cell line by sustaining cancer stem/progenitor populations in vitro Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2013, 4:88 doi:10.1186/scrt247 Wei-Min Chung (qqrice68@yahoo.com.tw) Wei-Chun Chang (d1433@mail.cmuh.org.tw) Lumin Chen (Silvia.Chen@benqmedicalcenter.com) Ying-Yi Chang (d4754@mail.cmuh.org.tw) Chih-Rong Shyr(More)
BACKGROUND Ovarian teratocarcinoma (OVTC) arises from germ cells and contains a high percentage of cancer stem/progenitor cells (CSPCs), which promote cancer development through their ability to self-renew. Androgen and androgen receptor (androgen/AR) signaling has been reported to participate in cancer stemness in some types of cancer; however, this(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the pharmacokinetic parameters of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) in diagnosing and staging liver fibrosis in rabbits. MATERIALS AND METHODS DCE-MRI with gadodiamide (Gd-DTPA-BMA) was performed on a 3.0 Tesla, 60 cm bore MR scanner for rabbits with CCl4 -induced liver fibrosis, and an untreated control(More)
Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is widely accepted as a first-line interventional oncology approach for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and has the advantages of high treatment efficacy and low complication risk. Local control rates equivalent to hepatic resection can be reached by RFA alone when treating small HCCs (<2 cm) in favorable locations. However,(More)
Androgen and androgen receptor (AR) may play important roles in several skin-related diseases, such as androgenetic alopecia and acne vulgaris. Current treatments for these androgen/AR-involved diseases, which target the synthesis of androgens or prevent its binding to AR, can cause significant adverse side effects. Based on the recent studies using AR(More)