Lumír Macholán

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We prepared a new inorganic sorbent based on modified triazine (2-[4,6-bis (aminoethylamine)-1,3,5-triazine]-Silasorb; BAT-Silasorb) which binds pea seedlings amine oxidase (PSAO) very tightly without loss of its catalytic activity. This unique feature as well as the wide substrate specificity of PSAO was successfully utilised in the construction of an(More)
Diamine oxidase was prepared from pea (Pisum sativum) seedlings by a new purification procedure involving two h.p.l.c. steps. We studied the optical and electrochemical properties of the homogeneous enzyme and also analysed the hydrolysed protein by several methods. The data presented here suggest that the carbonyl cofactor of diamine oxidase is firmly(More)
Borate buffer strongly decreases amperometric response of a glucose oxidase linked pO2 or H2O2 sensing electrode, extending substantially its linear calibration range. With increasing pH and concentration of the buffer the upper limit for glucose can be varied between 1 and 30 mmol l-1 glucose. The effect of borate ion is explained by the rapid complexation(More)
Eight reagents specifically modifying amino acids were applied to cells of a standardEscherichia coli colicin indicator strain to followin vivo changes of its binding capacity for colicins E1–E3 and hence the binding domains (epitopes) for them in the outer membrane receptor protein BtuB. The effect of these reagents was also investigated in a mutant strain(More)
Das I R S p e k t r u m des Methy les te r s ( [ c ~ ~ + 49 ~ (Chlf.); n~ ~ 1,5143) wies folgende charak te r i s t i sche B a n d e n an t : 3500/cm (OH); 3070/cm, 1640/cm, 890/cm ( ~ C = C H ~ ) ; t 720/cm (COOMe) ; 1385/cm, 1365/cm (gem. D i me t hy lg rupp i e rung). Der in Pet ro l / i ther 16sliche Ante i l yon I en th ie l t eine Carbons/ lure (IV),(More)