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Recent years have witnessed a rapid growth in using Web services for data publishing and sharing among organizations. To improve the efficiency of software development and economize on human and material resources, service reuse is viewed as a powerful means which will not only reuse atomic services, but also reuse arbitrary granularities of Service Process(More)
An important problem faced by many Computer Science and Software Engineering programs is declining enrollment. In an effort to reverse that trend at Mississippi State University, we have instituted pair programming for the laboratory exercises in the introductory programming course. This paper describes a study performed to analyze whether using pair(More)
Shared caches in chip multi-processors (CMPs) have important benefits such as accelerating inter-core communication, yet the inherent cache contention among multiple processes on such architectures can significantly degrade performance. To address this problem, cache partitioning has been studied based on the prediction of the cache miss rate curve (MRC) of(More)
We present a Z-SIFT based 3D surface registration algorithm that utilizes the depth information enhanced SIFT features to make initial alignment and the 2D feature weighted Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm to realize accurate registration. The combination of SIFT features and depth information extracts faithful corresponding points between the 2D(More)
Blue algal blooms are constantly observed in Taihu Lake in recent years. Firstly, a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model and drogue tracking method are validated and possible blue algal blooms initiated at Gonghu are studied to find out how wind conditions affect blue algal blooms in Gonghu. Then, surface drogue tracking experiments are performed for blue(More)
The ebXML registry & repository standard is one of the most well accepted standards in the field of registry. Several products claiming to be ebXML compatible [Sun Microsystems, Korea Institute of eCommerce, Korea Trade Network, XML Global] have been developed. While the ebXML standard is initially designed for registering and storing e-business related(More)
QoS prediction is critical to Web service selection and recommendation. This paper proposes a collaborative approach to quality-of-service (QoS) prediction of web services on unbalanced data distribution by utilizing the past usage history of service users. It avoids expensive and time-consuming web service invocations. There existed several methods which(More)
We present a novel, computationally efficient approach for natural image segmentation that uses the adaptive clustering algorithm (ACA) to obtain an initial segmentation and chrominance-based region merging to consolidate regions of perceptually uniform texture. The combination of ACA and chrominance-based merging preserves salient edges and smooths out(More)