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An important problem faced by many Computer Science and Software Engineering programs is declining enrollment. In an effort to reverse that trend at Mississippi State University, we have instituted pair programming for the laboratory exercises in the introductory programming course. This paper describes a study performed to analyze whether using pair(More)
We present a novel, computationally efficient approach for natural image segmentation that uses the adaptive clustering algorithm (ACA) to obtain an initial segmentation and chrominance-based region merging to consolidate regions of perceptually uniform texture. The combination of ACA and chrominance-based merging preserves salient edges and smooths out(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS FOXO3a is an essential tumor suppressor that regulates the mechanisms of tumorigenesis and leukemogenesis. FOXO3a polymorphisms have not been reported previously associated with an increased risk for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). In this study, the rs4946936 polymorphism located in the 3'UTR of FOXO3a was selected to evaluate(More)
Inspection is considered a powerful method to check software documents for defects. Many published work shows that inspections in requirements specification phase are particularly effective and efficient. Perspective-Based Reading (PBR) is one of the systematic techniques to support defect detection in requirements documents. In this paper we describe an(More)
Shared caches in chip multi-processors (CMPs) have important benefits such as accelerating inter-core communication, yet the inherent cache contention among multiple processes on such architectures can significantly degrade performance. To address this problem, cache partitioning has been studied based on the prediction of the cache miss rate curve (MRC) of(More)
Blue algal blooms are constantly observed in Taihu Lake in recent years. Firstly, a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model and drogue tracking method are validated and possible blue algal blooms initiated at Gonghu are studied to find out how wind conditions affect blue algal blooms in Gonghu. Then, surface drogue tracking experiments are performed for blue(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS IGF1 is a key regulator in cell proliferation and apoptosis, and the 3' un-translated region (3'UTR) of the gene plays an important role in gene expression. For the first time, we explored the relationship between polymorphisms in the IGF1 3'UTR region and the risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). METHODS Questionnaires(More)
Recent years have witnessed a rapid growth in using Web services for data publishing and sharing among organizations. To improve the efficiency of software development and economize on human and material resources, service reuse is viewed as a powerful means which will not only reuse atomic services, but also reuse arbitrary granularities of Service Process(More)
An annual investigation into the abundance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) in fresh water aquaculture ponds was performed by quantitative PCR of the amoA gene. The results showed that AOB were the main ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms in water, and significantly higher copy numbers of the AOB amoA gene were observed(More)