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Nowadays, the emerging research topic on synthesizing logic functions with chemical reaction networks (CRNs) have drawn intensive attentions from both academia and industry. By making use of its advantages in power, spontaneity, robustness, and parallelization, a lot of amazing applications of this research topic have been proposed and therefore give this(More)
In the foreign fibers cleaning process, pseudo-foreign fibers are often mistaken for foreign fibers, this result not only seriously affects the detecting precision of foreign fibers cleaning machine, but also doubles the time of cleaning up lint. As for false identification problem of pseudo-foreign fibers in cotton, this paper proposes a new approach for(More)
Considering the common knowledge that probability theory has long been used to explain stochastic behaviors of chemical reactions, this paper devotes itself to synthesizing probability theory based on molecular computation. Exploring and utilizing the dynamic properties of molecular reactions, this paper proposes an easily understood but systematic method(More)
This paper presents an approach for designing combinational logic based on bistable molecular reactions. This design approach is universal and can be easily applied to general combinational logic no matter what the required Boolean function is. This method is developed by uncovering the bijective relationship between Karnaugh map (K-map), which completely(More)
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