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Web applications are main applications in Internet. Before developing Web Application, a CPN (Colored Petri net) model based on workflow is constructed. By this way, the rationality of the workflow can be ensured before developing, rather than the irrationality is found during testing phases. The constructed CPN model is analyzed with CPN tools. Moreover,(More)
It has been demonstrated that the medicinal mushroom Phellinus linteus (PL), which consists mainly of polysaccharides, possesses antitumor and immunomodulatory properties in vivo and in vitro. The mechanism, however, by which PL inhibits growth and invasive behavior of HepG2 cells remains poorly understood. Here we demonstrated that PL inhibited(More)
In this study, effects of several experimental parameters, including ultrasonic time, ratio of water to material, extraction temperature and ultrasonic power on the extraction yield of polysaccharides from Acanthopanax senticosus stem (ASS) were investigated by single factor experiment and an orthogonal test design (L9(3)(4)) was used to optimize the(More)
OpenFlow is a new protocol which enables researchers to run experimental protocols in a network without changing the network topology. In the paper, we analyze and test OpenFlow based on a formal method, such as CPN (colored Petri net). To avoid state exploration, we mainly focus on testing the interaction property of OpenFlow. According to the latest(More)
Organization name (ON) translation is the most complex among all the Named entities (NEs). A novel system for translating ONs from Chinese to English, with a translation model and web resources is proposed. Firstly, a translation model was built with Chunk and query expansion was adopted with the translation model and term-subject co-occurrence. Secondly,(More)
OpenFlow has been applied to a variety of demands of the transmission quality of the Internet business and it is still growing on its way. To test this protocol with its evolution consideration, we analyzed the working process of OpenFlow protocol and constructed the CPN model through phasing firstly and then role division for version 1.0. In addition, the(More)
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