Lukuan Hou

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BACKGROUND Actinomycete genome sequencing has disclosed a large number of cryptic secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters. However, their unavailable or limited expression severely hampered the discovery of bioactive compounds. The whiB-like (wbl) regulatory genes play important roles in morphological differentiation as well as secondary metabolism;(More)
The wblAso gene functions as a global regulatory gene in a negative manner in deepsea-derived Streptomyces somaliensis SCSIO ZH66. A new dioic acid (1) as well as two known butenolides (2 and 3) were isolated from the ΔwblAso mutant strain of S. somaliensis SCSIO ZH66. The structure of 1 was elucidated by a combination of spectroscopic analyses, including(More)
Deepsea microbes are a rich source of novel bioactive compounds, which have developed unique genetic systems as well as biosynthetic pathways compared with those of terrestrial microbes in order to survive in extreme living environment. However, a large variety of deepsea-microbial secondary metabolic pathways remain "cryptic" under the normal laboratory(More)
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