Luko Gjenero

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The dissipation of thermal radiation can be observed using thermal infrared cameras which generate images based on the amount of input radiation belonging to a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum (with wavelengths from 7 μm to 15 μm). Since thermal imaging is a simple, contactless, non-invasive and inexpensive imaging method, it is widely applicable(More)
Major amount of thermal radiation emitted by objects is located in a small part of the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, called the thermal infrared spectrum, and can be observed and measured using thermal infrared measurement cameras. Measuring heat transfer by radiation has proven to be very valuable in medicine. One such medical application(More)
The foundation of successful software product development today is establishing an effective and efficient teamwork. In order to manage large software development projects it is needed to manage and coordinate virtual teams of programmers, engineers, business analysts and other project stakeholders. Trust is required for effective team communication.(More)
High Performance Linpack (HPL) is an industry standard benchmark used in measuring the computational power of High Performance Clusters. In contrary to HPC clusters consisting of equal computational nodes, running HPL on heterogeneous HPC clusters, built up of a computing nodes with different computational power, showed in most cases poor efficiency. In(More)
Infrared (IR) thermography determines the surface temperature of an object or human body using thermal IR measurement camera. It is an imaging technology which is contactless and completely non-invasive. These properties make IR thermography a useful method of analysis that is used in various industrial applications to detect, monitor and predict(More)
In recent years performance of High Performance Computing Clusters took precedence over their power consumption. However, costs of energy and demand for ecologically acceptable IT solutions are higher than ever before, therefore a need for HPC clusters with acceptable power consumption becomes increasingly important. Consequently, the Green500 list, which(More)
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