Lukman Bin Ab. Rahim

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Creating of web application and corresponding information architecture is often associated with social informatics. It clearly lays at the crossing of the ICT and social sciences, especially because effective information architectures enable people to find content quickly, easily and intuitively. Model Driven Architecture (MDA) technique is initiated by the(More)
Web services' QoS evaluation involves high degree of uncertainty due to the unpredictable nature of network. Existing models are not realistic because they apply crisp computation. Hence, a model using Interval Fuzzy Type-2 (IT2) method was proposed in our previous work. IT2 method was selected because it has better ability than Fuzzy Type-1 and crisp(More)
Educational games are serious games that specifically used for education yet it is fun to play. There are numbers of domain specific modeling languages for educational games focus in various aspect and theories of learning. By having domain specific modeling language which applies a visual diagramming language, it helps in represent design ideas and logic.(More)
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