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Comforting the Comfortable: Extreme Makeover Home Edition's Ideological Conquest
The United States prides itself on being a classless society where economic determinism can be transcended by the right amount of merit, determination, and luck. At the same time, however, the U.S.Expand
Colonizing Caster Semenya: Gender Transformation and the Makeover Genre
In 2009, You magazine, a popular South African periodical, “made over” 19-year-old track star Caster Semenya. Semenya is intersex: having biological characteristics of both male and female sexes. HerExpand
Rhetorical Homology and the Caveman Mythos: An(Other) Way to Ridicule the Aggrieved
This essay uses the emergence of the caveman mythos, both in a Geico advertising campaign and an ABC television series, to show how a seemingly fanciful text can offer an explicit set of instructionsExpand
Information Sharing During the University of Texas at Austin Active Shooter/Suicide Event
Emergency response systems can be improved by investigating the motives and manner in which people share information during an active shooter crisis. This article analyzed survey data collected fromExpand
Rich, Blessed, and Tenured: A Homological Exploration of Grant Writing, Prosperity Theology, and Neoliberalism
The emergence of grant writing as a primary method of evaluating faculty accountability formally resembles the discursive structures of prosperity theology. Using the rhetorical homology, I identifyExpand
The Undeserving Professor: Neoliberalism and the Reinvention of Higher Education
The perceived social value of higher education in the United States and the political will to fund it represents a fascinating paradox. This article explores one way that paradox is reconciled. IExpand
COMM 482 Section 01 Communication and Politics
The neoliberal conquest of the Supreme Court
Neoliberalism is an anti-democratic ideology. It takes decisions about the allocation of scarce resources out of the hands of public institutions and places them in the hands of private actors.Expand