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In a randomized, prospective study, single-drug antibiotic therapy with cefoxitin (CFX) was compared to combination therapy with gentamicin and clindamycin (G/C) as definitive treatment for acute colonic diverticulitis. Excluding individuals requiring immediate operation, 51 patients with a clinical diagnosis of diverticulitis, who were hospitalized at five(More)
Linear motifs mediate protein-protein interactions (PPI) that allow expansion of a target protein interactome at a systems level. This study uses a proteomics approach and linear motif sub-stratifications to expand on PPIs of MDM2. MDM2 is a multi-functional protein with over one hundred known binding partners not stratified by hierarchy or function. A new(More)
Drugs targeting MDM2's hydrophobic pocket activate p53. However, these agents act allosterically and have agonist effects on MDM2's protein interaction landscape. Dominant p53-independent MDM2-drug responsive-binding proteins have not been stratified. We used as a variable the differential expression of MDM2 protein as a function of cell density to identify(More)
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