Luke Stark

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This paper examines one particular problem of values in cloud computing: how individuals can take advantage of the cloud to store data without compromising their privacy and autonomy. Through the creation of Lockbox, an encrypted cloud storage application, we explore how designers can use reflection in designing for human values to maintain both privacy and(More)
This workshop brings together scholars and practitioners of human-centered computing, requirements engineering, ethics and related fields. We will share knowledge and insights on methods to account for human values in information technology design. Through short presentations, group discussions and practical design group work, participants will collaborate(More)
The research on interaction of electromagnetic fields with media is pursued (a) to obtain self-consistent formulations of electrodynamics in the presence of moving and deforming media, and (b) to study nonlinear interactions of electromagnetic fields and optical frequencies both theoretically and experimentally. 1. Force on Media in Electromagnetic Fields(More)
While there has been considerable academic work over the past decade on preserving and enhancing digital privacy, little of this scholarship has influenced practitioners in design or industry. By bringing together leading privacy academics and commercial stakeholders, this workshop builds on previous gatherings at ACM conferences and in the broader privacy(More)
What happens when a multidisciplinary team of social analysts joins highly trained computer scientists and engineers to think about Future Internet Architectures (FIA)? This reports draws together experiences and insights from the Values in Design (VID) Council, a three-year experiment in collaboration between those who design and build technologies, and(More)
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